FAMSACA is also known as Forensic And Medical Sexual Assault Clinicians Australia.

FAMSAC Australia arose from an organisation called NASAMC. NASAMC (National Adult Sexual Assault Medical Committee) was formed in 1998 and was comprised of a group of state representatives and members. It was a forum used with the following functions:

  • Discussion on sexual assault issues
  • Setting standards in the provision of medical care to sexual assault victims
  • Organising workshops providing opportunities for peer review and support

At a meeting on 3rd June 2003 in Christchurch, the state representatives met and a decision to incorporate NASAMC was resolved. This would enable the organisation to apply for various funding initiatives and to enable some of the original aims of NASAMC to occur. It was also hoped that the organisation would replicate some of the functions performed by DSAC (a similar organisation) in New Zealand.

The original committee was:

President Dr Vanita Parekh
Vice President (medical):      Dr John White
Vice President (nursing): Cassandra Beaumont RN RM
Treasurer: Dr Sarah Martin
Public Officer: Dr Alexandra Tyson
Education Officer: Dr Angela Williams

Aims and Objectives of the association were circulated to all committee members by email and a final version was produced (see FAMSACA aims and objectives).

A cheque was received from Dr Cathy Lincoln for the amount of $1100.00. This was paid into a special purpose account for FAMSACA to pay for incorporation costs.

Reservation of the name FAMSAC Australia occurred on 31st July 2003.

A lawyer, Rick Lucas of Colquhoun Murphy Lawyers, Braddon ACT, was engaged to provide advice about the constitution of the new organisation.

Incorporation in the ACT occurred on 25th September 2003.

You can find a copy of the constitution here.