1. To be the recognised body for those providing medical and nursing sexual assault care (including forensic management) in Australia. This includes an advisory, educational and professional development role.
  2. To provide professional standards for Australian doctors and nurses providing sexual assault care, particularly in forensic management. To be involved at a political level in the development of sexual assault strategies and policies.
  3. To highlight sexual assault as an important health issue at this level.
  4. To promote the adequate provision of sexual assault care in all areas of Australia, particularly to disadvantaged groups and rural/regional communities through training and support of regional providers.
  5. To promote, co-ordinate and support Australian research in the field of sexual assault.
  6. To provide educational and professional support for medical and nursing health care workers in the field of sexual assault.


  1. To identify and liaise with key stakeholders at a federal and state level.
  2. To develop a discussion and strategy paper with regard to sexual assault care in Australia.
  3. To develop quality models for both medical and forensic service delivery.
  4. To identify areas of research in sexual assault and to highlight areas in which research is needed.
  5. To drive and support such research performed in the field of sexual assault nationally.
  6. To develop quality local resource materials for use in Australia including: Best practice guidelines, ideal models of service provision, screening and diagnostic programs, health provider training and education, mentoring and expert advice networks.
  7. To identify and address barriers to access healthcare for survivors of sexual assault.
  8. To keep and provide a register of practitioners and sites of sexual assault expertise.